To boldly go to William Shatner for Governor General

mercredi 21 avril 2010 ·

Yes, I admit...I was ... and still am a Trekkie. I still watch Star Trek episodes and can recite by heart the introduction of every seasons, I even play Star Trek computer games. So you can easily understand that the complete dork inside me feels exhilarated at the idea of William Shatner as governor general of Canada.

Hence, let me make the case for Shatner as governor general of Canada!
  1. He speaks Klingonese, which makes him perfect for diplomacy (even if he does not admit it);
  2. Less importantly, he speaks French and English also;
  3. He kicks the ass of a reptilian giant known as a "gorn" without a sweat
  4. He killed Khan and saved Spock
  5. He can destroy cloaked ships
  6. He is so much cooler than Benjamin Sisko and Jean Luc Picard combined
  7. He crippled the USS Reliant in a super hot space battle which
  8. He sang "Rocketman"
  9. He could have destroyed the Death Star with a photon torpedo and without a sweat
  10. He can kick Bryan Breguet's ass without a sweat and with good reasons
  11. He makes fun of leftists on YouTube
  12. He can read Harper's Throne Speech and say "warp speed mr.Harper" at the end
  13. He could make kickass speeches at the Canadian Space Agency by saying that their mission is to "explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations and to boldly go where no Canadian have gone before"
  14. He can save the United Federation of Planets Canada from its enemies : the Klingon and the Romulans, the Separatists.

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